BBQs & Jerk-Pans

Our Models & Prices

Important Delivery Information – Cost for delivery on all items are charged at £1.75 per mile. We offer free delivery within 3mile radius from Maple Road, SE20.

BABY BQQ From £149.00


MEDIUM BQQ From £179.99


Mummy BQQ From £209.99


BQQ 1¼ From £324.99


BQQ 1½ £364.99


BQQ 1¾ £424.99


BQQ 2 £509.99


Smoker 2 £329.99


Smoker 3 £363.00


Smoker 4 £395.99


Smoker 5 £428.99


Smoker/BQQ £364.99


Cornpan £109.99


Coal Cooker £86.50


Replacement Parts
Replacement Smoker £33.00

Replacement Legs £8.90

Replacement Side Vent £7.00

Replacement Bun Warmer Grill £18.00

Replacement Cooking Grill £38.00



Where do we start:   BBQs, Smokers or Jerk-Pans it’s definitely our thing. We have been producing these babies for over 16 years now in the UK and over 4yrs in the Caribbean before that, accumulating the knowledge of the “Barrel Drum”.

The standard BBQ/Jerk-Pan is made from a recycled oil drum. The process of conversion begins with sterilization, this is achieved with the cleaning of the interior with a natural organic substance, then the barrel is brought to a heat temperature exceeding 1000 degrees we find this not only to be environmental friendly as we use no chemicals in the sterilising process, we find this method excellent for getting rid of any excess oil particles that may have been present.

Our BBQs, Jerk-Pans and Smokers  come complete with cooking grills made from a solid 8 gauge mild steel wire ( stainless steel wire variety available upon request ), carry handles, detachable legs, reinforced coal burning skin, chimney, ventilation and the promise of having a product that will last for years, with a bit of due care.

We strive to be the UK’s largest BBQ/Jerk-Pan supplier producing the “mummy” Jerk-Pan for 86% to the mobile catering trade, which has transcended into supplying to the domestic market also.

We are sure you can find the right sized product at A.J.C for your open space, producing various styles and sizes as standard stock models.

We undertake bespoke orders for the client who wants something special which is how we came about developing the “baby” Jerk-Pan which can be used on a balcony on a High Rise development and transported in the back or front of a vehicle, and light enough to carry by hand.

Which is why we thought that all household should have one of these little beauties, we have developed various sizes according to client feedback, which has now made us have quite a considerable range to suit all types of budget and most importantly space.

Whether you have a garden the size of a football pitch or you reside in a penthouse apartment 30 floors up in the sky we have a BBQ/Jerk-Pan for you.

All our products come with a 600 degree heatproof protection inside the BBQ/Jerk-Pan and Smokers, and the exterior is in a choice of Black, Blue or Green all weather gloss paint or Matt Black or Aluminium heatproof paint for that factory finished appearance. Have your company logo printed on the face of your BBQ/Jerk-Pan or Smoker. Ask for details when you call.

We also provide a restoration service for clients who have BBQs/Jerk-Pans who has seen better days. We have over the years developed a cleaning process that is totally environmentally friendly which we apply with the restoration process giving the client a remarkable finish to their product. If you require this service please call.

New for 2016 we are now offering a laser cutting service, giving more scope to give your product that unique look, whether promoting your company logo or company name. If you require this service just ask when you call.